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Love. Captured.


Hey! I’m Ryan and I love filming weddings.

I started capturing weddings after a friend said, “hey, I think you’d be good at this and I’m getting married.” After that I was hooked. Fast-forward 4 years and 50+ weddings later, capturing the tiny moments of your day and telling the story of your love is what fuels me.

Dark chocolate and sneaking a dance break at the reception also fuel me.

How We Work

Your journey of first impressions, dates, and trips, friends and family, moments and love have led to this moment in time where you will commit yourselves to selflessly loving one another for life. My desire is to capture the moments of your wedding day to make a video that tells that journey. Looking beyond the events taking place and telling the story.

Through my journey of learning how to capture and retell the story of a wedding, I have learned that it’s not about the contraptions or cameras I use, it is about the love you share. With respect for the sanctity of the moment, I am very intentional to limit the distractions that may arise from my duties while still capturing the your day. My goal is to blend into the background, allowing you, your family, and guests to remain in the moment.

Packages & Pricing

Full wedding day packages begin at $2950. Lets get together to discuss the details.

We understand that no two weddings are alike and would love the opportunity to connect with you to ensure the perfect amount of coverage for your wedding day.

Contact us to get started!


My home is in LA, my heart is in NY, but they both really like to travel.

Travel for weddings add another layer of complexity for videography and having done many weddings both internationally and across the country the unique circumstances that can arise are nothing new.

Drop me a line and tell me about your big day.

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